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Electric Gate Repair Coppell has been helping the residents of Coppell, TX, and surround area for over 30 years. Electric Gate Repair Coppell is a locally owned and operated company that puts their customers first in our community. Electric Gate Repair Coppell is dedicated to their customers by providing high quality service and parts, at low reasonable prices. Electric Gate Repair Coppell provide same day service, so there is no need to wait in order to get your gate repaired. Electric Gate Repair Coppell is passionate about providing only the very best service and parts to their neighbors of Coppell,TX. (214)615-0613

Electric Gate Repair Coppell, TX

Electric Gate Repair Coppell is certified to repair all gate related issues in the Coppell, TX and surrounding area. There are alot of different component that can make your gate not work properly. Thats why Electric Gate Repair Coppell is here for you, we will send a team of technicians to come to your home, assess the gate, and then advise you of the issue at hand. A broken gate can leave customers stranded without getting a repair quickly. Electric Gate Repair Coppell is also open 24 hours a day so that we can work around anyones busy schedule, and so that they don't have to worry who will be open. 546 E Sandy Lake Rd, Coppell, TX 75019 (214)615-0613

Electric Gate Installation Coppell, TX

Choose the best, Electric Gate Repair Coppell, in the industry to replace or add a new gate, or you want to install another componet to your gate in Coppell, TX. It is vital to get a professional to make this installation for one it can be very dangerous, and secondly so that there is no breach to the warranty if you use a professional. Electric Gate Repair Coppell will help you choose the best choice that fits you needs and budget. Hire the professionals at Electric Gate Repair Coppell, we will get the job done to your fullest satisfaction. 546 E Sandy Lake Rd, Coppell, TX 75019 (214)615-0613

Electric Gate Openers Coppell, TX

Electric Gate Repair Coppell has everything you need for your gate. Electric Gate Repair Coppell does not just offer you everything that is available for your electric gate type. There are many options when it comes to openers. Give Electric Gate Repair Coppell a call so we may be able to provide you with the correct opener to your gate, and alleviate any problems. Electric Gate Repair Coppell comes to your home fully prepared to repair the gate, we guarantee all of the work we provide. With Electric Gate Repair Coppell you will receive the best service and meet and exceed your expectations. 546 E Sandy Lake Rd, Coppell, TX 75019 (214)615-0613

Emergency Electric Gate Repair Coppell, TX

Electric Gate Repair Coppell is avaialbe to assist you at your earliest convenience. Electric Gate Repair Coppell provides 24 hour service, as well as same day service to everyone in Coppell, TX, and surrounding areas. Electric Gate Repair Coppell has made a commitment to our community to be avaialbe at all times, so noone is left waiting to get their gate repaired. Electric Gate Repair Coppell is committed to excellence and providing you with the best service, and leaving you with a perfectly operating gate. 546 E Sandy Lake Rd, Coppell, TX 75019 (214)615-0613

Electric Gate Repair Guarantee

Electric Gate Repair Coppell have a 5 year limited warranty on all of ther services we provide, and any addidtional warranty that comes with the parts installed. This gives you a double warranty so you can rest assure you are being taken care of by the very best in the industry. Call Electric Gate Repair Coppell in Coppell, TX we are here for you. Electric Gate Repair Coppell guarantees all of the work provided. 546 E Sandy Lake Rd, Coppell, TX 75019 (214)615-0613

Gate Opener Maintenance

Service is suggested if any of the following occur:

The chain is very loose

If when the gate poen or closes, it slams against the post.

If a grinding or squeaking noise is heard.

The gate moves slower than it used to.

In any case we recommended having your gate serviced at least once a year, depending on frequency of use.


Servicing your gate should include the following:

Adjustments to chain tension (for slide gate) or springs tension (for overhead gates).

Hinge lubrication (if is a swing gate) or chain, guide rollers

and wheels (in case of a slide gate).

Monitoring of gate's travel time.

Confirmation that all safety devices, if present, function properly.

Confirmation that gate movement is free and that surrounding environment is nice and clean.

Safety Devices

Most gate operators are equipped with a built in reverse sensor. This sensor stops/reverses the gate when it hits an obstacle. if your gate is installed in a commercial property (residental buildings with more than four units are also considered a commercial property), you are required to have at least two safety devices installed (UL-325 industry standard).

Even though you don't have to, we recommend having an additional safety device installed, to completely prevent contact. Your gate operator might already have the reverse sensor, but before it will reverse it will possibly cause damage to your vehicle. For a relatively small investment you can prevent this from happening.

These are a few of the most common safety devices available today:

Photo-eye. The photo eye sends and receives a signal across driveaway, when this signal breaks your gate reverses.

Loop sensor. The loop sensor is installed under your driveway, and using a magnetic field detects your vehicle.

Miller-edge. This touch-activated sensor sends an immediate signal to your operator to reverse.